Vasovagale aanval

vasovagale aanval

Interictal eeg is not of any diagnostic or prognostic value for syncope. Tilt table testing, which may trigger syncope, may have some value in special situations, for example if someone has a wrong diagnosis of epilepsy and confirmation that the diagnosis is syncope is required. Reflex anoxic seizures Reflex anoxic seizures or reflex asystolic syncope occurs from early infancy onwards, either remitting pre-school age or evolving into vasovagal syncope. Alternative names include pallid breath holding and pallid syncope. In these events an unpleasant, typically sudden stimulus such as a bump, knock on the head, cut or abrasion leads to a profound vagal discharge with a dramatic drop in the heart rate and transient asystole. These events are not due to temper tantrums. The child may cry very briefly or let out a couple of grunts and then becomes exceedingly pale and loses consciousness.

Pallor and autonomic symptoms such as flushing, sweating, feeling warm, nausea and abdominal discomfort may occur. The fall in a vasovagal syncope may be flaccid with a loss of tone but many people, possibly up to 50, fall with hips and knees extended with some moaning or growling as they fall. Visual hallucinations and dreamlike experiences may occur but unlike epileptic seizures these are not stereotyped. Stiffening and convulsive movements occur in at least 50 of syncopes. These are brief, lasting seconds, and can be distinguished from tonic seizures and generalized convulsive seizures due to the shorter duration, triggers, associated symptoms and recovery. The convulsive movements are typically not rhythmic. Post episode confusion is typically very brief after syncope whereas confusion greater where 10 minutes scalp suggests an epileptic seizure. Injury can occur in syncope, as can tongue biting (this is often at the tip of the tongue; whereas lateral tongue biting suggests a convulsive seizure). Urinary incontinence is common in syncope. A family history of vasovagal syncope is common. A family history of sudden death, drowning or events triggered by exercise or fright are important clues to a cardiac syncope.

vasovagale aanval
there is an abrupt reduction in blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain. An anoxic seizure is the collapse, stiffening with or without convulsive movements that occurs as a result of the lack of cortical control of the brainstem. The movements are not due to epileptic discharges. Syncope is common, with the neurally mediated syncopes (vaso-vagal syncope, reflex anoxic seizures, breath holding attacks) having a lifetime prevalence. Vasovagal syncope vasovagal syncope affects all ages from infancy to old age though younger children may present initially with reflex anoxic seizures. A detailed history will usually identify triggers including prolonged standing, dehydration, change in posture and emotional upset. The setting and stimulus, for example hair brushing or blow drying after a bath, venepuncture in a doctor's surgery or standing up in a place of worship are important. There is reduced blood pressure and slowing of the heart rate causing lack of blood flow to the brain. Early symptoms include blurring and loss of vision, ringing in the ears and dizziness.
vasovagale aanval

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Sleep related conditions, sleep related rhythmic movement disorders, hypnogogic jerks. Parasomnias, rEM sleep disorders, benign neonatal sleep myoclonus, periodic leg movements. Narcolepsy-cataplexy, paroxysmal movement disorders, tics, stereotypies, paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia. Paroxysmal nonkinesigenic dyskinesia, paroxysmal exercise induced dyskinesia, benign paroxysmal tonic upgaze. Episodic ataxias, alternating hemiplegia, hyperekplexia, opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome, migraine associated disorders. Migraine with visual aura, familial hemiplegic migraine, benign paroxysmal torticollis. Benign paroxysmal vertigo, cyclical vomiting, miscellaneous events, benign myoclonus of boeddha infancy and shuddering attacks Jitteriness Sandifer syndrome non-epileptic head drops Spasmus nutans raised intracranial pressure paroxysmal extreme pain disorder Spinal myoclonus overview there are a range of conditions associated with recurrent paroxysmal events that may. Org with reference to the epilepsies that they may imitate and important discriminating features. It is important that these disorders are considered should in the evaluation of paroxysmal events as misdiagnosis rates in epilepsy are high throughout the world.

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Apart from email based on events, aanval can also perform custom actions including running shell scripts based on a particular event. Imagine if apache or another service is having trouble, aanval could have an automated action management rule to restart apache on that system. One of the biggest strengths of Aanval compared to other siem solutions is the vast array of reporting options. A visually stunning view is the live geolocation view which provides a real time map of clients connecting to the network. A single click from the top menu provides a situational Awareness Report. This report can be generated for the last 12 hours, last 24, all the way to report on all database data. In printable view, this is a clean report that can be provided to it management or it staff in a quick easy summary of network activity.

vasovagale aanval

The other mode of collecting data in Aanval is via syslog. Syslog is a linux and unix standard for logging all services such as sendmail, apache, mysql, ssh logs, and any other type of system logging. Syslog has a feature to point or redirect its logging to a central log server. It is this configuration that Aanval takes advantage of in order to collect logs in real time. Home Screen and live monitor, once all sensors are configured and are recording data in Aanval, it is now possible to view the data and begin to organize flexible various options. The home screen provides a snapshot into current activity including the number of events occurring for all sensors.

This is complemented by another view, the live monitor view (third icon from the right). In the live monitor view, events scroll by in real time. This is understandably a secondary screen and not the home screen as in a large deployment a live view of events will scroll by a ton of data and information and may not be ideal for a quick overview. Action Management, rules and alerts can be created based on certain events occurring. Say that level 1-3 gain no alerts but at 4 or 5, all of the it staff is notified. For another example, if an apache system warrants a level 5 alert, aanval sends an email to the apache admin.

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Some of the features that Aanval brings that makes it unique includes trendy scheduled port scanning with nmap, active geo-location to map locations of traffic sources, something referred to as Situational Awareness a way to identify high risk areas in a network, as well as various. It is the entire package. Sensors: Monitor via snort or syslog. Aanval has two modes of collecting data. One is via software known as snort. Snort is the industry standard for ids or Intrusion Detection System used by many hardware vendors. Snort is an open source software that provides real time packet analysis antivirus and network intrusion detection. By configuring Aanval to use snort as a sensor, real time network traffic analysis is recorded into aanval on the fly.

vasovagale aanval

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Commercial Aanval is unlimited for the number of sensors and can monitor ssh, http, and other security-sensitive connections. The commercial version also includes full technical support for the product. Byo lamp server, aanval installs onto a traditional magnesium Linux, Apache, mysql, and php server better known as a lamp stack. Centos linux is recommended, though Aanval can work fine on any current Linux distribution. Also supported is Mac os x with proper Apache, mysql and php software installed. To install Aanval, some general knowledge of creating mysql databases and placing the aanval software in a valid Apache directory is needed. As long as you follow the vendors documentation, you shouldnt run into any problems setting. Like other siems, aanval works by creating an entry into a database for each event be that a syslog log event or snort event. These events can then be categorized, tagged, and processed as desired by the aanval software.

Aanval by tactical Flex is an event correlation tool also known as a siem. Many governmental agencies require a centralized login system to retain and correlate logs from all servers. Other security minded or large scale production environments also benefit from having siem as a way to automate logging and auditing. Aanval meets and exceeds siem requirements in web-based easy to use software tactical Flex refers to as a sas (Situational Awareness System). With Aanval, traditional Linux syslogs for various applications and servers can be piped together to collect and aggregate a large dashboard view of your entire infrastructures status. Aanval can also operate using Snort to correlate real time ids/ips logs and create alerts as needed from various vendors such as Cisco, barracuda, and others. The real world use of Aanval can be for a variety of situations: email alerts when a rogue device comes online, alerts of a certain database or apache error, rogue login or authentication attempts, as well as general charts and graphs to report on network. Community and Commercial Versions, aanval offers a free version, limited to one sensor, which is sufficient for demo purposes.

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Epilepsy imitators, overview, syncope and anoxic seizures, vasovagal syncope. Reflex anoxic seizures, breath-holding attacks, hyperventilation syncope, compulsive valsalva. Neurological syncope, imposed upper airways obstruction, orthostatic intolerance. Long qt and cardiac syncope, hyper-cyanotic spells, behavioral, psychological and psychiatric disorders. Daydreaming /inattention, infantile gratification, eidetic imagery, tantrums and rage reactions. Out of body experiences, panic attacks, dissociative states. Non-epileptic seizures, hallucinations in psychiatric disorders, fabricated / factitious illness.

Vasovagale aanval
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